Click and drag the model around, this image is both beautiful and interactive.

I was asked to create an interactive experience to highlight the Sensopart Visor, a small, versatile, optical measuring device and the manufacturer, Sensopart, wished to communicate those features on a special mini-site. The requirements were fairly strict: It had to work on both mobile and desktop devices, users should not have to download any special software to interact with the model. Hotspots were also mandatory to communicate special features of the Visor.

Researching online I immediately noticed that all generally available options, say, what is commonly seen on many car manufacturers’ websites, require plug-ins, don't work on mobile, don't support hotspots or some combination thereof. One provider doesnÙt work on mobile, hosts the files on their own server (depriving you of control of your own content) and charges you based on the number of people that view your model. That's a hastle and a variable cost that you don’t need.

The better way: a model I built in Blender, a 3D modelling program, based on client supplied CAD files and brought online using standard HTML5 and javascript with an absolute last resort of a Flash fallback to allow as many users as possible to interact with the device. If the visitor is using a reasonably up to date browser, no plug-ins are necessary. For those still partying like it’s 1999, Flash is still available as a fallback.

I guess I should mention here, carmakers, if you want to totally break up with those nasty plugins that you've been hanging out with, give me a shout. I can salvage your online reputation and get you some gorgeous interactivity at the same time.