I bought my first camera, a Nikon FG, when I was fifteen years old. I've been taking photographs ever since.

Untold thousands of exposures later, the love is still there.

An Image of the Tripleman Website

Since 2005, I've maintained tripleman.com" where I post images I've taken, write my thoughts on various subjects and offer a licensing and print service for those interested in purchasing or framing my photographs.

I encourage everyone to buy one. They are guaranteed to improve any room.

Three Photos From Pisa Framed and on Display

There are roughly 1100 photos posted on tripleman so, over the course of ten years, I've managed an average of one image every four days or so. This past year, due to many different reasons, I've lagged a bit on posting.

A Cross Section of a Brilliantly Coloured Flower

Seeing as this will be the tenth anniversary of tripleman.com, I'm going to have to get back to regular posting and maybe update the site like I've been wanting to for a while.