Justin Havre & Associates eagerly jumped aboard online marketing early, much earlier than most of their competitors, and they've maintained that advantage to this day. I was commissioned to create website mockups that the programming team would draw from and integrate into the look of the website.

Justin Havre & Associates home page mock-up

The challenge was not so much to create a design that is visually better than most real estate company websites, but create a design that integrates the many powerful database, listing, search and mapping features available today in a way that is not cluttered, confusing and annoying for prospective home buyers and sellers using the site.

Close up of Justin Havre & Associates website mockup

They have also recently really intensified their efforts with many micro sites targeting individual neighbourhoods in and around Calgary.

Justin Havre & Associates microsite mock-up

Natural extensions of their online presence are social media efforts and I design various images that are used as backgrounds or headers on the various networks or are used in the posts themselves.

Various designs for social media