A complete rebranding for Justin Havre & Associates. This growing realty company has established a large presence in the Calgary market over the past ten years. Moving up to the RE/MAX network, the time was right to shed their old look and evolve their branding and advertising to reflect the fact that they have grown and matured as an agency.

The New Justin Havre & Associates Branding

The new look didn’t stop there. It went far beyond traditional collateral—though of course that was all updated as well. The Justin Havre Team has a wealth of information available for customers and all of those documents needed the refresh as well.

The Rebranding Covered More Thank Just The Logo

In addition, getting the right information from home buyers and sellers goes a long way towards finding them new homes or buyers for their old ones. One way Justin Havre & Associates does this is with detailed and beautiful interactive PDF forms and questionnaires.

One of Many Forms Formatted for Mobile

These forms are small enough to be emailed to clients as soon as they express an interest in buying or selling. They make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to locations, price ranges and all of the myriad other factors that are a part of real estate. Additionally, they allow Justin Havre & Associates to form a relationship with the client and get them onboard quickly. That’s vital in the very competitive real estate market.

A set of icons was created to add to documents that really separate them from traditional, cheesy, stock-image based real estate materials. I am personally trying my hardest to make sure that no one has to endure yet another stock image of people giving the thumbs-up. Disclosure: It’s partially for my own sanity, I don’t know how many more images like that I can take when I do have to filter through stock imagery for clients.

An Icon Set For Use in Various Documents