Justin Havre & Associates custom 4Runner wrap

One only has to do an online image search to find many, many examples of ugly vehicle wraps.

This beautiful 4Runner though, is not one of them. Leveraging my lifelong love of Formula 1 and Le Mans cars, I created this racy vehicle wrap for Justin Havre & Associates.

A racing stripe right over the top, another one down the side and their new branding—which I also designed. The look is finished off with the agent’s name and phone number that are big and easy to read while you’re stuck in traffic thinking about how you need to buy a new house that’s closer to where you work.

You do. If you're in Calgary, Justin Havre & Associates are the people to talk to.

Top view of the sleek Justin Havre & Associates 4Runner

Since it’s difficult to imagine how the final product will look from a flat template and I definitely didn't want any expensive surprises, I did up a quick and dirty 3D render of the 4Runner. Seeing how the design flows around the vehicle and making sure there were no awkward intersections where the faces and body seams meet is very easy in 3D. Disclosure: I did not create the actual 4Runner model. The purpose was to check the look of the design, not see how good I am at modelling a vehicle.

A Quick and Dirty 3D Render to See How it Looked