A local, family-owned, fitness gym in Freiburg with the very appropriate name, Fitness Gym Freiburg, wanted a complete revamp to their advertising campaign. The two day photoshoot with staff and customers who volunteered to be models was both productive and a lot of fun. A really fun, great group of people.

The Homepage for Fitness Gym Freiburg

In a competitive market, having real people—actual customers and staff—as models is an advantage over most gym advertising which uses obvious stock imagery and never really connects with the audience. An authentic touch like that is really effective in a smaller market like Freiburg.

A Three-Quarter Shot of Fitness Gym Staff

The photos from that shoot were given to the programmers for integration onto the new website.

A Close-up of the Spa Page on the Fitness Gym Website

Fitness Gym also wanted new print materials and a newsletter. I created a look that is bold, stands out and is versatile. The strong, compelling look is really important for mailed newsletters when people's first reaction can be to simply throw advertising into the recycling bin.

The Newsletter from Fitness Gym Freiburg

The modern facility, staff and customers/models really made the shoot easy and I have to give everyone involved a big thank you, you made this the most fun of any people-shoot that I've done.

Instructor and Students in a Yoga Class