The AGGLO Programm Basel is a governmental program created to co-ordinate and align the transportation plans, budgets and goals of the different regions—and three countries—in the Basel area. It is an ambitious and far reaching project involving billions of euros and encompassing all pedestrian, bicycle, auto, commercial truck, streetcar, train and airport traffic in this important corridor over the next twenty plus years.

A Weighty Case Full of Documentation

In a very small team–just two people–over two and a half years, I helped create a photographic, communication and design language that members of the program—also a very small team—use in communications with the various stakeholders including all levels of Government in France, Germany and Switzerland. These materials are an integral part of public facing events, advertising and communications as well as for securing the budgetary requirements from the levels of government of the various projects for the region’s current and future transportation needs.

An Example of AGGLO Program Documentation

With our imagery, a tilt—shift lens was used to emphasize that the future of transportation in the region is being built today. Far from being overwhelming tasks, these needed projects can be built on a human scale and, in fact, are always ongoing. In the battle for federal attention, our unified, high-quality communications materials uniquely stand out at a crowded table and instantly became recognizable as AGGLO Basel.

The Future of Transportation is Being Built Today

My conference photography fulfilled a different role. It is vitally important to document the various events not simply for record keeping and posterity, but to serve as a reminder to the public and other affected groups that the work of planning the transportation future of the region never stops. Regular planned conferences get the message out about what has been done with budgets so far, how things have improved and what the next steps are.

A Photograph of the Audience at an AGGLO Conference